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Our Solutions

For Charger Manufacturers

From single components to all-in kits, EcoG provides unique solutions to set up your charger in less than 6 weeks.

For Everyone in E-mobility

By using a charging station powered by EcoG you can reduce the time & effort spent on setup and maintenance, and open up a whole range of tailor-made solutions to engage your customers and improve the user experience.


Base Products

The core products to have your charger up & running in no time

EcoG charge controller
Application board
CPPP Monitor
Site Controller

EcoG charge controller

Our Flagship product. It does what it says.

All the software you need to build a charger

  • Ready to run
  • Covering all automation tasks – no separate PLC needed anymore
  • Highly customisable – every aspect can be tailor-made to fit your needs
  • Our regular updates make it compatible with every present or future car
  • OTA updates integrated in your workflow
  • Supported charge protocols: CCS DIN 70121 Type 1 & 2; CCS ISO15118; Chademo 0.9-1.2 and AC Type 2
  • Multiple I/Os and interfaces for integration

Application board

The board providing user interface, gateway and application environment in one entity

  • Driving user interfaces from LEDs to mulitmedia rich touch displays
  • As gateway, serving broad variety of connectivity and protocols
  • Enabling access to all details of the charging process via EcoG API
  • Providing sandbox for a broad variety of third party apps

CPPP Monitor

The hardware-only State Monitor for emergency stopping your charger. Reliability and trust built in your system.

  • EcoG’s CPPP2300 is a hardware-only device and first of its kind
  • Independent from charging controllers, it allows for fast and reliable terminations of the charging process
  • Together with its cost efficiency and ability to ease certifications for chargers, CPPP2300 is becoming a standard part in DC charging infrastructures as fuses are today
  • The CPPP2300 is capable of handling several outlets in parallel like CCS DC, CCS AC or CHADeMO
  • Consequently, only one CPPP2300 is typically needed per charging station

Site Controller

Edge device to organize your chargers with local services

  • Enabling low latency services, such as power management
  • Providing the unique EcoG application layer to existing chargers as well
  • Integrating the charger with your core business
  • Access the EcoG third party ecosystem

EcoG E-mobility Suite

The modular complete solution to unlock the real potential of your charger

EcoG Charger UI toolkit

The display for your charger with customisable web-based user interface


The rock solid core. Highly customisable, managed & updated charger automation for CCS, Chademo and AC.


The charger management cloud solution over the complete charger Life Cycle

EcoG Application layer

The tool to easily integrate other devices and third party software to your charger


The workbench for the charger insight

EcoG White-label App toolkit

The customisable app library to interact with other EcoG solutions

Out of the box solutions

The EcoG StarterKit
The EcoG StarterKit
Starter Kit Full Power

Our bestseller. The quickest way to have your charger up & running.

  • Out of the box running charger to help you build your own charger
  • From box to charge-ready state in 6 weeks
  • Engineering in the loop with rich emulation options
  • Working on a running system
  • Interchangable components & big partner network to provide pre-integrated components

Complete charger with EcoG ecosystem

  • Out of the box running charger including hardware to help you build your own charger
  • From box to charge-ready state in 6 weeks
  • Engineering in the loop with rich emulation options
  • Working on a running system
  • Interchangable components & big partner network to provide pre-integrated components

Tell us what you’d like to know, our team is ready to help.


General Manager Shell Retail Benelux & France


Former Inmotion Ventures, powered by Jaguar Land Rover

“Electric mobility is one of the solutions that will help meet the growing demand for transport in a lower-carbon world. Therefore, I’m especially excited to see how EcoG’s pilot takes shape. I am convinced their technology could play an important role in shaping the ‘retail station of the future‘.“


“I really believe it will help drive mass adoption of EVs!“


“I’ve been really impressed with EcoG, I think that what I like about them the most is that they are going after this huge opportunity which is building a platform around EV charging.”


Our mission

Faster & professional go-to-market

We provide solutions for EV charger manufacturers to significantly reduce time & cost of charging station development, manufacturing and maintenance.

Sustainable infrastructure

We are building chargers for today & tomorrow: our regular updates ensure all EcoG powered chargers are running smoothly with all publicly available vehicle models.

Making EV Chargers profitable

There is so much more to EV charging and EV chargers in particular. We created a solution where it is possible to add additional services and micro-services on the charger to increase your revenue.

International EcoG Team & Partners

Our team is a cultural and ethnical melting pot coming from all over the world.

In this multicultural environment, we respect and learn from each other, and embrace our varying backgrounds.

We strive for our work to have a positive impact, both for EcoG and the world around us.

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