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“The experts of the German startup EcoG are the driving members of our CharIn association. We are proud of our long-lasting and very productive cooperation with them.”

Claas Bracklo

Chairman of CharIN e.V.

“EcoG is one of our key partners in the field of eMobility and DC charging and both we and our customers are very satisfied with the outcomes of our long-lasting cooperation.”

Kevin Hong

Sales Director at UUGP

“Electric mobility is one of the solutions that will help meet the growing demand for transport in a lower-carbon world. Therefore, I’m especially excited to see how EcoG’s pilot takes shape. I am convinced their technology could play an important role in shaping the ‘retail station of the future.”

Hilmar Van Den Dool

General Manager at Shell Retail Benelux & France

“Objective of our intense cooperation with EcoG is the delivery of a high-quality and reliable solution for the seamless user experience at the DC charging station.”

Christopher Lu

Sales Director Europe at Infy Power

“I've been really impressed with EcoG, I think that what I like about them the most is that they are going after this huge opportunity which is building a platform around EV charging.“

George Burgess

Former Inmotion Ventures, powered by Jaguar Land Rover

“The United States and Germany are continuing to lead on efforts to support transformational technologies that help reduce emissions, adapt to climate change and build the industries and infrastructures of the future.  Innovators like EcoG are a great example of both cutting edge technology as well as the multifaceted benefits of a transition to a clean-energy economy.  As winners of the Germany-wide SelectUSA pitch competition, EcoG is leading the charge in the development of scalable operating software for DC charging stations.“ 

Timothy Liston

US Consul General

“EcoG proved that they have the latest state-of-the-art software, enabling all kinds of  integrated applications. This is a perfect combination and a good market product.“

Robert Ermers

Chief Commercial Officer at Udenco

“In today's rapidly evolving e-mobility landscape, being a part of the charging ecosystem is increasingly crucial for companies to stay ahead. This is where EcoG and Infineon come in, bridging the gap between the integration/application and semiconductor, hardware ecosystems. With its innovative approach, EcoG enhances and simplifies system development, positioning itself as a critical player in the charging ecosystem and driving the industry forward."

Torsten Klemmer

Director Application Marketing & Management EV Charging at Infineon

"At Thoughtworks, we see from the work with our clients from many different sectors that there is a tremendous potential in developing applications on EcoG Universal Core to make EV charging an integral part of our daily routines as well as specific business processes. This collaboration is not just about enhancing user experience but, more importantly, about accelerating development speeds and reducing costs for charger manufacturers, charge point operators and site hosts, ultimately driving wider adoption of electric vehicles."

Ian Murdoch

Fellow, Energy & E-Mobility Advisor at Thoughtworks

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