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EcoG® Universal Core

The universal control solution for chargers with a comprehensive ecosystem

EcoG Universal Core is the leading operating system for DC chargers, distinguished by its rigorous testing and proven performance in the field. It provides charging station manufacturers with the tools to offer maximum reliability and extensive functionality to charge point operators.

The EcoG Universal Core powers chargers of any type, wallboxes, compact chargers or dispensers connected to central powerblocks. It comprises several modular elements including EcoG Controllers, EcoG OS, EcoG Ecosystem and EcoG Blueprints.

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EcoG® Charge Controllers

Field-proven charge controllers and application boards specialized on any charging station type. Already the 5th generation of control devices hosts and runs the embedded software, serving as the hardware backbone of the Universal Core. EcoG offers a portfolio of specialized charge controllers and application boards.

Interoperability down to chip level

Due to close collaboration with major chip companies, EcoG OS operates smoothly and reliably on our controllers, which are equipped with the latest chip technology.

Comprehensive field-proven technology

EcoG controllers have been extensively field-validated over multiple years. The 5th generation excels in reliability and robustness, encompassing comprehensive know-how built over the years.

EcoG Charge Controllers
“Our mission is to shape the future of electric charging by turning the hassle of charging into an embedded daily life experience. We are making electric vehicle charging more integrated, scalable, sustainable, and profitable.

Our success and the leading market position in DC charging are derived from close and long- lasting cooperation with the industry leaders and our business partners. We strive for our work to have a positive impact, both on our customers and the world around us.”


CEO and Founder

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EcoG® OS

As an open and embedded software, EcoG OS automates the entire charging process including the communication between charger, car and backend systems. It supports all common standards and regulations (e.g. ISO15118, OCPP, AFIR, NEVI) and ensures smooth charger operations, interoperability with any electric vehicle on the road and most advanced user experience.

Interoperability with any electric vehicle

Drawing on EcoG's role as a development partner for the automotive industry and core member and speaker of CharIN, EcoG OS undergoes rigorous testing with every EV on the road.

Innovative and standard-compliant

EcoG OS supports all common standards (e.g. ISO15118-2, ISO 15118-20, OCPP 1.6J, OCPP 2.0.1) and enables compliance with all global regulations (e.g. AFIR, NEVI, CTEP, NTEP). 



EcoG® Ecosystem

Charing station manufacturers benefit from a broad eco-system of pre-integrated components and applications for fast time-to-market.

EcoG Universal Core seamlessly interacts with all components within the charger. It boasts integration with over 60 components, providing a vast eco-system of options for building a DC charger. Partnering with global industry leaders, EcoG has build a powerful eco-system with component partners, certification partners, car manufacturers and many more. 

Shortened time-to-market

Pre-integration of components and streamlined certification processes help to minimize time-to-market and development risks.

Flexibility & market fit

A broad spectrum of pre-integrated components and software applications allows to build solutions with maximum market-fit.

EcoG Ecosystem


EcoG® Blueprints

Reference designs for any charger architecture serve as blueprints kickstarting the development process of charger manufacturers, enabling them to expedite their time to market. The proven blueprints are made available in ready-to-use starter kits..

Fast track product development

A working prototype of the envisioned charger product from day 1, enables synchronization and acceleration of development activities.

Engineering support and reduced risk

Remote access to Starter Kits enables support from EcoG technology experts any time during development - helping to accelerate and de-risk.

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EcoG® Universal Core Features

Explore all product features included in the EcoG Universal Core. 

Regular updates & enhancements

Interoperability with any EV

Our comprehensive approach to interoperability assurance guarantees your chargers equipped with EcoG Universal Core stay up-to-date and seamlessly interoperable with also the newest EVs, eliminating charging errors and issues.

Bi-directional charging

Bi-directional charging

As a core member of CharIN, EcoG has been at the forefront of development of ISO 15118-20 - the standard defining bi-directional power flow between car and charger. After rigorous testing with OEMs, this feature of EcoG Universal core is mass-market ready.

Regular updates & enhancements

Regular updates & enhancements

Professionally managed and regular updates of EcoG Universal Core keep your chargers up to date over lifetime. Benefit from the collective innovation power of more than 20 charger manufacturers field experience from many thousands of units globally. 

Remote analytics & monitoring

Remote analytics & monitoring

EcoG Universal Core provides the ability to take a closer look. You can analyze the health status of key components inside your charger. You can take a closer look into log data of suspicious charging sessions and drill down to the root cause.

AFIR & NEVI compliance

AFIR & NEVI compliance

EcoG Universal Core offers full compatibility with all protocols and standards, including DIN 70121, ISO 15118-2/-3/-20, OCPP 1.6/2.0.1, CCS, MCS, NACS or CHAdeMO. We ensure CE/UL/ULc certifications and enable regulatory compliance to Eichrecht, AFIR and NEVI. 

ISO 15118 Plug & Charge

ISO 15118 Plug & Charge

EcoG Universal Core features Plug & Charge according to ISO 15118. Rigorously tested with all EVs supporting Plug & Charge, this functionality takes charging experience to the next level of convenience - without the need of an app or card.



Next to all currently common plug types like CCS or Chademo, EcoG Universal Core supports NACS and MCS. As core member and speaker in CharIN, EcoG has been active in crafting standards of CCS and MCS.

OCPP 2.0.1 off-the-shelf

OCPP 2.0.1 off-the-shelf

Next to its suuport of OCPP 1.6-J, EcoG Universal Core can be extended with OCPP 2.0.1 to deliver a large variety of functionality and also compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. NEVI, AFIR). Our implementation was thoroughly developed and tested and is seamlessly integrated with the underlying operating system of the charger.

“In today's rapidly evolving e-mobility landscape, being a part of the charging ecosystem is increasingly crucial for companies to stay ahead. This is where EcoG and Infineon come in, bridging the gap between the integration/application and semiconductor, hardware ecosystems. With its innovative approach, EcoG enhances and simplifies system development, positioning itself as a critical player in the charging ecosystem and driving the industry forward."

Torsten Klemmer

Director Application Marketing & Management EV Charging at Infineon

"At Thoughtworks, we see from the work with our clients from many different sectors that there is a tremendous potential in developing applications on EcoG Universal Core to make EV charging an integral part of our daily routines as well as specific business processes. This collaboration is not just about enhancing user experience but, more importantly, about accelerating development speeds and reducing costs for charger manufacturers, charge point operators and site hosts, ultimately driving wider adoption of electric vehicles."

Ian Murdoch

Fellow, Energy & E-Mobility Advisor at Thoughtworks

“Innovators like EcoG are a great example of both cutting edge technology as well as the multifaceted benefits of a transition to a clean-energy economy. As winners of the Germany-wide SelectUSA pitch competition, EcoG is leading the charge in the development of scalable operating software for DC charging stations.“

Timothy Liston

US Consul General

“The experts of the German startup EcoG are the driving members of our CharIn association. We are proud of our long-lasting and very productive cooperation with them.”

Claas Bracklo

Chairman at CharIN e.V.

“EcoG is one of our key partners in the field of eMobility and DC charging and both we and our customers are very satisfied with the outcomes of our long-lasting cooperation.”

Kevin Hong

Sales Director at UUGP

“Electric mobility is one of the solutions that will help meet the growing demand for transport in a lower-carbon world. Therefore, I’m especially excited to see how EcoG’s pilot takes shape. I am convinced their technology could play an important role in shaping the ‘retail station of the future.”

Hilmar Van Den Dool

General Manager at Shell Retail Benelux & France

“Objective of our intense cooperation with EcoG is the delivery of a high-quality and reliable solution for the seamless user experience at the DC charging station.”

Christopher Lu

Sales Director Europe of Infy Power

“I've been really impressed with EcoG, I think that what I like about them the most is that they are going after this huge opportunity which is building a platform around EV charging.“

George Burgess

Former Inmotion Ventures, powered by Jaguar Land Rover

“EcoG proved that they have the latest state-of-the-art software, enabling all kinds of  integrated applications. This is a perfect combination and a good market product.“

Robert Ermers

Chief Commercial Officer of Udenco


Find answers to common questions about EcoG Universal Core.

What is EcoG Universal Core?

EcoG Universal Core is an universally applicable control solution for EV charging stations. It can be applied to any charging stations.

How does it work?

EcoG Univeral Core consists of HW (controller) and SW (EcoG OS). By utilizing the existing expertise we managed to accelerate our time-tp-market drastically.

What are the benefits?

EcoG Universal Core enables charger manufacturers to massively reduce their time-to-market. In the field, it receives constant updates for maximum compatibility.

Is it compatible with all chargers?

EcoG Universal Core is compatible with any EV charging station - independent of charger type and architecture: Wallbox, Compact Charger or Powerblock & Dispenser.

How can I get EcoG Universal Core?

Contact our Sales and Tech teams. They will define with you the most ideal control system configuration for your use case and before you know it, Universal Core is on its way to you. 

Still have a questions?

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