Branch Solutions

EcoG provides the leading operating system for charging stations, making it easy to develop applications and solutions that grow your business.


From single components to all-in-one kits, EcoG provides future-compatible and cost-efficient solutions to set up your charger in just 6 months.

  • 50% faster time to market
  • Reference architectures, thoroughly field-tested, already used by 10% of the European market, and interoperable – 100% hassle-free
  • Large partner network with pre-integrated components and software
  • Easily customizable – no need to start work from scratch

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Give your customers a smooth experience and seamlessly integrate new services into your customer journey.

Attract new customers with high purchase potential through EV chargers on your site and grow your business.

  • EcoG-based chargers enable you to integrate EV charging into your business
  • Integrate charging with your value-adding services
  • Implementing EV charging services will attract new customers with high purchase potential and improve consumer convenience

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Easily create B2B applications that extend the functionality of already installed EV chargers to improve utilization and revenue.

  • EcoG’s software platform enables you to build differentiating applications that increase service utilization
  • Maximize the revenue potential of each charging point
  • Developing tailored solutions is easy using our customizable interface
  • Ensure accessibility to your network

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