EcoG’s IoT platform – unleash the business potential of EV charging.

Electric vehicle charging can provide immense benefits to site owners such as retailers – from new revenue streams to improving customer satisfaction.

Our combined IoT platform and operating system make it easy to add new services to EV charging to increase your revenue. Our EV charging software is customizable and future-compatible, enabling you to easily build your own apps or seamlessly integrate third-party apps and data via OpenAPIs and provide value-added services for your customers.

Develop charging apps using EcoG’s OS platform to increase the upsell potential of EV chargers

  • Integrate brand loyalty programs to improve customer experience
  • Real-time and historical data on customer demographics
  • High level of interoperability with all EVs on the market
  • Enable seamless authorization for convenient customer journey integration
  • Make it easy for EV drivers to find and reserve charging points
  • Increase the number of customer entering your business
  • Increase customer visit duration


The rock-solid core. Highly customizable, managed & updated charger automation for CCS, Chademo and AC.

EcoG application layer

The tool that easily integrates software and devices into chargers

EcoG white-label app toolkit

The customizable app library that interacts with other EcoG solutions

EcoG Universal Core

With the EcoG Universal Core, you get the ultimate flexibility for your charger integration. EcoG’s operating system and OpenAPI platform make it easy to build apps and services on top of our OS.