We provide solutions for EV charger manufacturers to significantly reduce the time and cost of charging station development, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Benefits of choosing EcoG to develop your charging solution

  • Proven and tested solutions
  • Interoperability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easily customizable 
  • Fast time to market

EcoG Charge Controller

All the software you need to build the core charging functionality. If requested, it comes integrated in a charge controller device or as firmware release for your own control hardware.

Reference Architecture

The blueprint of our blueline charger architecture based on the EcoG OS, which together with the EcoG Starter Kit Full Power, empowers our customers to jump-start their charging system prototyping.

EcoG Starter Kit

The prototyping environment is a fully working DC and AC charger that allows you to work with the EcoG blueline reference architecture from Day 1. It enables you to develop your prototype in an agile manner, i.e. modify components and develop your own applications in sprints as well as verify the charging functionality of the modifications within weeks. The EcoG Starterkit, part of more than 20 designs in the market, has proven to significantly reduce development costs and risks.