EcoG Charge Controller

The EcoG Charge Controller is an EV charge controller with included communication functionalities – it provides circuit control, charging status and ensures vehicle interoperability.

Our Solution


The EcoG Charge Controller is an EV charge controller in accordance with DIN70121 and ISO/ IEC 15118. It supports CCS, CHAdeMO and AC charging, additionally to covering all automation tasks. There are multiple I/Os and interfaces available for integration and OTA updates can be integrated into your workflow.  


The integrated automation control of the Charge Controller translates to a reduction in costs, as no separate PLC is needed, not to mention a simplification of the system architecture.  

Furthermore, EcoG delivers regular updates of the Charge Controller in order to ensure compatibility with both present and future cars.  

Additionally, as a result of the selection of I/Os and interfaces available, there are sufficient interfaces and GPIOs to facilitate charging system integration. 

Finally, the Charge Controller is hardware agnostic, meaning it is compatible with different types of systems without necessitating hardware adaptations.  


The Charge Controller uses the EcoG OS to request charging data from the power converter via Modbus interface. An example of such charging data would be the available power. It can further request information like the maximum power possible from the vehicle-to-be-charged.  

The Charge Controller then sets voltage and other data points for charging to allow for safety precautions like emergency termination of charging. It however does not implement any safety-relevant procedures itself.  

Charging data can be sent to the Local Web Interface and stored in real-time in an AWS cloud server.  


The Charge Controller shares an interface with the Application Board that enables it to show the charger status, including, for example, measurements on the main wires and the connected charger. The AB can also be used to connect the controller with the customer network. The Charge Controller interacts with the Local Web Interface to provide functionalities like Charge Overview, Circuit Control and EV emulation. 

More Solutions

The SECC2300 can be used together with the CPPP2300 state monitor to enable redundant safe switching off for CCS, CHAdeMO and AC charging independently of the software-based Charge Controller.  

It may also be used together with LifeC, EcoG’s lifecycle management platform, to gain insight on charger performance, session failure causes, as well as to provide access to charger session and error logs.