EcoG Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit is a development tool to be used as a reference architecture to develop a charger in harmony with the EcoG blue line approach.

Using it improves cost and efficiency during the EV charging station development by delivering the knowledge and tools necessary to develop their own charging station to our customers.

Our Solution


The Starter Kit is an out-of-the-box running charger whose core function is to support the development of a charging station by providing all necessary components to replicate EV charging processes in a lab environment.  

Supported functionalities include CCS, CHAdeMO and AC charging, circuit control, as well as monitoring of and analytics based on the charging processes.


As stated above, the intended outcome of making use of the Starter Kit is to gain the knowledge and tools to develop your own charging station. This not only lets R&D focus on customer differentiating features but also reduces the cost of software development.  

Furthermore, you may increase your team’s efficiency by enabling software developers, automation developers, and electrical engineers to work in parallel.


Deriving from a knowledge pool of over 20 charger series thus far, and in collaboration with component manufacturers, EcoG is able to provide pre-integration, as well as interchangeability of components.  

Generally, there are three parts to the Starter Kit: first, the Power Part which provides 12V of DC power supply to the Application Part. Next, the Power Part provides an AC input and DC output plug, connecting the converter. Finally, the Application Part provides access to the internet along with the local web interface. 

Two of the main components of the Starter Kit are the SECC2300 and CPPP2300; the SECC provides circuit control as well as the charging status, whereas the CPPP represents a hardware-only state monitor for redundant safe switching off independently of the software-based SECC.  

Software-wise, the Starter Kit runs on the EcoG OS, meaning a web-based configuration for all controller states, as well as a self-implementation of microservices and applications for your own components, is possible.  

More Solutions

EcoG’s lifecycle management software LifeC can be added on to the Starter Kit to gain further insight into the charging processes, failures as well as a general overview of these. LifeC is applicable to all stages of the charger development process – be it the Starter Kit, prototypes or your developed charger on the market – it covers the entire lifecycle.