EcoG Universal Core

With the EcoG Universal Core, you get the ultimate flexibility for your charger integration. Build your charging station how you want it – we support 32 architectures, 15 power converters, and all chipsets on the market.

IoT platform for EV charging integrations

We provide a new enabler layer that means you create your own back-end charger integrations. This means you can build unique solutions that stand out from your competitors with our flexible platform and architecture.

  • Easily customizable web platform
  • Open APIs – easy for partners to build their own application layer
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Enabling value-added features & services

Seamless development of EV charging services

Also, EcoG’s operating system and open API platform make it easy for ecosystem partners to build apps and services on top of our OS. This enables them to seamlessly develop new services and offerings that increase utilization, attract new customers, and create new revenue streams.

  • Reference design
  • Fast time to market
  • Cost efficiency, low-risk
  • #1 OS for DC chargers
  • Continuous updates for security, interoperability and customer satisfaction