Representing a digital twin of any and all of your chargers, LifeC is designed to provide clarity on the status of all chargers at once, as well as give detailed information on individual charging sessions, including background analytics and classification of errors.

Our Solution


LifeC provides lifecycle management, documentation, information on field performance such as daily statistics, component management, as well as background analytics and classification of the charging sessions and errors that may occur.  

Additionally, it allows for start/stop charging or remote resetting of the charger.  


By supporting remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities as well as providing increased convenience of collaboration with charger operators, LifeC offers ease of maintenance. This results in higher cost efficiency, as, for example, the need for on-site error handling is reduced.

A further advantage is the clarity gained from using LifeC – a real-time overview of all chargers and specific details on issues occurring at that moment in time.  


LifeC fetches data stored in the backend server and displays the charger statistics online accordingly. It offers inventory for components such as the controllers and ABs of your chargers and is extensible with further customer components to support component management.  

The operator of a charger is alerted to issues and can view them via the remote monitoring dashboard. For issues resolvable by resetting the charger, this can be done remotely, saving further costs. If on-site support is needed, information about the error as well as charging statistics and logs are available to aid in resolving the issue more quickly and efficiently.  

Thus, easy collaboration with operators is allowed for by providing a real-time overview of the chargers. New users can be added by admins at any time.  

More Solutions & How to Combine Them

LifeC acts as an add-on to any charging station developed with EcoG. As it manages the entire lifecycle of a charging station, it may also be used in combination with our Starter Kit to support the development of your charging station.