EcoG and Huawei Digital Power aim at transforming EV charging of today

EcoG presented with Huawei Digital Power at the world’s leading EV trade show EVS in Oslo.

Last week EcoG attended one of the largest international e-mobility trade shows in the world, the 35th Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS), which took place in Oslo, Norway between June 11-15th.

The German technology company presented its latest developments in the field of charging infrastructure for electric cars at its own booth and in cooperation with Huawei Digital Power. Visitors were able to explore and to get a first-hand experience with industry-leading charging operating system EcoG | OS used for development and full control of DC charging hardware of electric vehicles. EcoG | OS is already used in a good ten percent of all newly installed CCS DC charging systems in 2021.

“The EVS in Oslo is the event of the year in electromobility, and we would like to thank the organizer ‘Norsk elbilforening’ for the perfect event. We are pleased that we were represented there by multiple of our partners. Among other things, these long-standing business relationships, such as the one with Huawei Digital Power, where we have done a lot of joint development work, have made EcoG | OS what it is today: a market proven, state-of-the-art, and flexible software solution for fast and reliable charging of electric cars.” says Jörg Heuer, founder and CEO of EcoG.

“Fast and Ultra-fast charging networks in Europe are growing exponentially every year and are a key element for the success of E-Mobility”, says Ignacio Diaz, Huawei Western Europe Digital Power, E-Mobility Business Director. “In the DC fast charging segment, we are compromised to provide top-notch DC charging modules with high efficiency, high density, high reliability and low noise. Huawei Digital Power welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with EcoG, an industry-leading ecosystem partner, to jointly ensure the reliability of the charging infrastructure and build greener and more efficient charging networks.”

The market for electric cars is currently growing rapidly, with registration figures reaching new highs every month. The annual growth rates are in the triple-digit percentage range in some markets. However, the development of the fast-charging infrastructure has not yet been able to keep up with this pace and must be significantly accelerated as quickly as possible.

A solution such as the EcoG | OS operating systems, consisting of easy-to-integrate hardware and software, can support this acceleration. The Starter Kit, for example, enables customers to develop new prototypes of charging stations in a very short time. Since the operating system reliably handles all core functions of the charging process in the background via open and extensively tested interfaces, it is also very easy to build new software interfaces and integrate them into business processes with B2B apps within a short period of time. Instead of requiring more than one to two years until the start of production of a new hardware product, experience has shown that the development time with EcoG | OS is reduced by half to just six to nine months.

About EcoG 

EcoG has developed EcoG | OS, a versatile solution and an IoT platform for DC charging stations, a kind of “Android” for chargers. The hardware and software include everything needed to develop and operate a charging station. Since the beginning, EcoG is cooperating with key players in the e-mobility industry such as converter and chip manufacturers, component and charging station manufacturers, payment providers, various integrators and vehicle manufacturers.

This comprehensive expertise makes EcoG | OS a customer-favourite and a reliable solution on the global market with 10% market share in the European Union. In 2022, EcoG | OS reached its 2021 volume already by mid-March. Therefore, EcoG expects to reach a 600% increase in usage of its operating software in 2022. This means that the solution is expected to grow significantly faster than the overall market this year.