EcoG enters market for megawatt charging

EcoG enters market for megawatt charging  

Growth in emobility is rapid, and not only in the light electric vehicle segment. European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, ACEA, expects  approximately 40,000 battery-electric medium‐ and heavy‐duty trucks on European roads by 2025. By 2030 the estimate is 270,000, based on the EU CO2 legislation!  

This trend calls for heavy investments in truck charging as it transforms into 100,000 public fast truck charging stations. As etrucks have higher charging power, different POI, and operation, they cannot utilize existing charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles.

To support the acceleration of eTrucks on the roads, EcoG has acknowledged the market need. Five years ago, EcoG, as part of the CharIN emobility network, started developing a megawatt charging solution that would allow for rapid charging of etrucks. In June 2022, an integrated charging solution for MCS (Megawatt Charging Standard) was presented to the public. The demonstrated solution is capable to reach up to 3MW, almost 10x faster than any fast charging station of today. For an etruck driver it would mean, he could “refill” in just 15 minutes!

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CharIN e.V. is the leading global association with over 200 members dedicated to promote interoperability based on the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging vehicles of all kinds. The purpose of the CharIn association is the worldwide promotion and support of the Combined Charging System.