EcoG – Pioneering the Megawatt Charging System and working with the truck and bus industry on interoperability

  • EcoG offers the technology necessary to kickstart the development and market introduction of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), which will be essential for charging electric trucks and buses.

Munich, June 9, 2023 – EcoG has an MCS starter kit and controllers available at EVS36 Sacramento 11th-14th June 2023 – Stand 10, Booth 509.

EcoG ( is a technology company allowing businesses to rapidly develop reliable and interoperable charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) globally. As an established market leader and innovator, EcoG is pioneering Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technology that will boost the sustainable commercial vehicle industry and open up electrification to larger, high-power vehicles.

The EV industry is pivotal to reducing carbon emissions and vehicular pollution over the next decade, as part of humankind’s last chance to prevent a 1.5C global temperature increase. MCS is the next significant infrastructure advancement in electric mobility, addressing the need for sustainable charging solutions for commercial vehicles. MCS extends the core technologies of Combined Charging System (CCS), which are used to charge all of today’s passenger and light-duty EVs, for an even faster charging solution for electric trucks and buses. 

EcoG’s charge controllers and reference architectures allow EV charging station manufacturers to kickstart their charger development for heavy-duty electric vehicles, with a short lead time to market. EcoG also helps conduct early interoperability testing with manufacturers of electric trucks and buses.

EcoG is driving the development and rollout of an MCS standard capable of reaching up to 3MW charging speed. As a core member of CharIN, the leading industry association for developing charging technology standards and EV interoperability, EcoG is working alongside cross-industry stakeholders to build a standard charging connector for commercial vehicles. EcoG has been a driving force in defining the MCS standard that will act as the foundation of this technology. The European Union and US Department of Commerce have also publicly recognized and supported efforts to create an international MCS standard for electric heavy-duty vehicles.

EcoG is pleased to be one of the first companies in the industry to be testing MCS communications interoperability according to the new ISO 15118-20 standard. These tests include multiple projects with the leading charging station manufacturers as well as the premier commercial truck and bus manufacturers. EcoG has engaged with more than 60 component partners, including converter and charging connector manufacturers, to help charging station manufacturers kickstart their MCS charger series launches. 

To optimize and improve the robustness of control interfaces, which EcoG has been a market leader in developing, EcoG has collaborated with REMA EV Connections during MCS development and standardization. “We are pleased to have partnered with EcoG on this development work and are excited that the REMA MCS Charging Coupler is integrated into the EcoG MCS reference architecture and the EcoG starter kit” comments Tim Rose, Managing Director of REMA EV Connections.

EcoG simplifies the development of MCS chargers by integrating all necessary components into a tested and interoperable MCS charger interface reference architecture. This allows the truck and bus manufacturers to quickly test their vehicles against the new standard and facilitates the entry of new players into the market. “The collaboration between i-charging and EcoG achieved the remarkable feat of setting up and providing MCS charging solutions interface within just two months.” states Pedro da Silva, CEO of i-charging, and emphasized the significance of this accomplishment, stating, “Lead time to market and adaptability is crucial for us, and the vehicle interoperability is key in the booming market with MCS solutions, for which we are developing a groundbreaking solution targeting MW level charging.”

José Barbosa, VP of Sales of i-charging (left) and Joerg Heuer, CEO of EcoG (right) at EVS36

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is incentivising consumers and businesses to adopt EVs en masse, including through tax benefits, as the US looks to mitigate its largest polluter: transportation. According to The White House, there are three million EVs in the US serviced by only 130k charging stations. Accessible infrastructure including high-powered charging stations will be essential to scaling EVs for commercial and personal use in the US and beyond. 

Joerg Heuer, Founder and CEO of EcoG, comments, “The demand for EV charging stations is only increasing as consumers and businesses look to make more environmentally-conscious transport decisions. With the Inflation Reduction Act, the US is looking to lead the way in developing commercial EVs. As the market leader in EV charging reference designs, EcoG is supporting businesses to rapidly step into the market, and build charging stations at scale that will meet the increasing demand for Megawatt Charging Systems necessary for electrified trucks. In the next five years, we’ll see MCS facilitate the electrification of commercial transportation, including city logistics, long haul transport and even maritime applications.”

EVS36 Sacramento Sunday 11th to Wednesday 14th June

The EcoG team will have a starter kit available at Stand 10, Booth 509 at EVS36 Sacramento.EcoG CEO Joerg Heuer will be speaking on the EVS Exhibitor’s Stage at 11:30-45am PT on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th June.

About EcoG

Internationally operating tech company EcoG is working on the rapid and efficient expansion of DC charging stations for electric vehicles. With its reference designs and charge controllers, EcoG specializes in enabling large manufacturers to get products to market quickly and easily. With its charging technology, EcoG is already the market leader in Europe with more than 15% market share, growing four times faster than the market last year. It has also been supporting the Indian market for two years. Its clients include industry giant Siemens and one of the world’s largest service station equipment suppliers. It secured a €6 million investment recently to further accelerate the expansion in the U.S.

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