EcoG increases market share through partnership with EV charging company Switch EV and acquisition of charging OS Josev

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Mirjam Laubenbacher

03 Jun 2024
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Press Release
Press Release
EcoG x Switch

The U.S.-German firm is set to become the universal OS for EV infrastructure providers worldwide supplying industrial giants like ABB & Siemens.

MUNICH/DETROIT/LONDON, 5th of June 2024: In a strategic move to bolster its position in the sustainable transportation sector, EcoG, the global leader of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, today announced the acquisition of Josev, a pioneering EV Charger Operating System (OS). Josev’s integration into EcoG’s existing suite of EV charging products will be supported by EcoG’s new partnership with Josev creator, Switch EV.

The collaboration is set to reinforce the global EV charging infrastructure by extending EcoG’s current DC fast charging systems with Switch’s smart AC and commercial vehicle charging solutions (based on the Megawatt Charging System, MCS).

EcoG will assume full operational responsibility for Switch’s Josev team and their cutting-edge products under the terms of the partnership. Following the transition, EcoG will sustain and enhance support for Josev’s broad portfolio of customers including ABB E-mobility, Alfen and Zaptec as well as for its own existing clients such as Siemens and i-charging. Josev’s innovative and certified1 smart charging solution is an invaluable addition to EcoG, with demand for versatile and efficient EV charging options growing rapidly.

A pivotal moment in the global EV transition

The partnership comes at a critical time for the EV charging infrastructure market. Following Tesla’s recent scale-back of its infrastructure business, there is a huge opening in the market for infrastructure companies to step up in order to meet the growing demand for scalable and reliable EV charging solutions as the EV charging market matures.

EcoG has already established its position as a leader in DC charging, capitalizing on its advanced OS to enhance user experiences akin to the simplicity of building on top of established PC-architectures. With the EV infrastructure market projected to grow from nearly $7 billion in 2022 to ~$100 billion by 2040, EcoG’s role and the strategic partnership with Switch, including the integration with the cloud-based Switch Platform, is crucial to creating a seamless charging experience on a global scale. With its expanding portfolio, EcoG is lighting the way in upgrading the network of charging options available to consumers, accelerating the adoption of EVs across Europe, India and the United States.

Joining forces to provide seamless EV charging for all

Dr Joerg Heuer, CEO of EcoG, remarked, “The synergy between Switch EV and EcoG is grounded in decades of EV charging industry expertise that both leadership teams bring to the table. This collaboration not only broadens our capabilities by adding AC and commercial charging to our portfolio but also positions us to lead the transition to sustainable transportation.”

“Switch has an excellent track record in this space and EcoG is now perfectly poised to leverage Switch’s advanced backend system, the Switch Platform, through this partnership, and further service the EV industry with seamless charging everywhere,” Dr. Heuer added. “We are excited to work with Switch to transform the EV landscape, making sustainable transportation a tangible reality for more communities.”

Marc Mültin, Founder and CEO of Switch highlighted, “Partnering with EcoG enables us to expand our impact and reach and to bring the vision of a fully integrated EV charging solution (from EV to charger to backend), based on open standards, to life - for all charger manufacturers and network operators. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for the most robust, scalable and user-friendly charging experience, driven by innovation and a shared commitment to quality and sustainability.”

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About EcoG

International tech company EcoG is working on the rapid and efficient expansion of DC charging stations for electric vehicles. Driving forward energy sustainability. With its reference designs and charge controllers, EcoG specializes in enabling large manufacturers to get products to market quickly and easily. With its charging technology, EcoG is already the market leader in Europe with more than 15% market share, growing four times faster than the market last year. It has also been supporting the Indian market for two years. Its clients include industry giant Siemens and one of the world's largest service station equipment suppliers. It secured a 6 million euro investment in 2023 to accelerate the expansion in the U.S. and a further $1.5M grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to open its US headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

About Switch

Switch is a fast-growing tech and knowledge company on a mission to fix the broken EV charging ecosystem. Its cutting-edge Switch Platform is built for public charge point operators, fleet operators and charger manufacturers in need of a powerful, data-rich and intuitive cloud-solution to manage their EV charging network. The built-in App Store includes complementary third-party integrations that help provide a turn-key solution for Switch’s customers across the globe.  The company was founded in London in 2020 by Dr Marc Mültin, a world-renowned leader in the communication standards that underpin the global EV charging ecosystem.

1 Josev is certified by the Open Charge Alliance for OCPP 2.0.1 and by Hubject for ISO 15118 Plug & Charge.


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Press Contact Switch EV:
Marc Mültin, CEO

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